What We Do

Data Consulting

We dive in deep with you to understand your business, the issues it's facing, and the questions you have about your own business and the broader market.

We map your company's internal data structures in order to assess the current sphere of knowledge to which you are privy. We additionally provide recommendations on additional sources of data that augment and improve your business.

Using this information we seek to shine a light on the known unknowns (the questions you have) and the unknown unknowns (areas of improvement or opportunity that you may not have been aware of) and provide you with deeper insight into your business and its market.

Custom Portal Development

We develop a custom data and process management hub that mirrors your company's structure. Integrations with external apps and in-portal functionality allow for centralization of data to power advanced insights. This allows you to keep your favorite existing workflows in place, while replacing those that don't satisfy your needs.

A custom portal allows you to automate tedious or error-prone procedures to let your people focus on what they do best. Cross-platform and interdepartmental insights offer a more holistic approach to managing your company and lead to innovation and opportunity. Automated alerts keep relevant parties up to date on everything they need to know.

Our Process


We work with small to medium companies looking to transition for growth and up their technology level. We meet with your team in order to understand your business and existing processes. If we feel that our services are not a good fit for your business, we'll help point you in the right direction. If our team can provide value to yours, we explore the best options for you.

Data Consulting

With data consulting, we start with the questions you have and then dive in deep. We compile a report for you to use as a reference when making strategy decisions that provides insight into the questions identified in the exploratory phase.

We also present any other findings, potential opportunities or areas of improvement, and data sources we find along the way. We then discuss next steps, which may include ongoing data consulting or custom portal development.

Custom Portal Development

With custom portal development, we start with a data model of your organization and market, integrating any relevant data sources and applications you use. We then build out the user interface and detailed permission and user management system so you can start to explore your data and view your organization through a new lense.

We also codify your internal processes to keep things running smoothly. Your portal might trigger events in other applications you use or notify a different person when an action is required from them at each step of a process.

Using the data available, we move to building reports into the portal. If we've done data consulting for you in the past, we work to create live versions of past reports for real-time access. With basic reports in place, we move to advanced analytics and alerts. This might include revenue forecasting, churn prediction, or client need identification.